Badminton Team

Easy to learn, sociable and fun, Badminton is a perfect sport for people of all abilities to keep active. Our coaching offered for players to learn and excel in this closely-run sport that is common as a competitive activity, as well as a sport, played among peers and friends.

Players Age:  

4 – 16 years old

Program Days:  

Saturday & Thursday

Our Badminton Teams

Beginners Team

We will just start with Basic Gripping Technique Learn how to hold your racket using the forehand and backhand grip. And move on to prepare the players to the next level.

Mentor Sports Badminton Beginners Team

Intermediate Team

This is the place where you learn to bring your game to the next level! The players will learn most difficult badminton techniques which will help them to be elite players.

Mentor Sports Badminton Advanced Team

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