Gymnastics Team

Mentor Sports Academy started the first professional gymnastics training center in Al Nahda, which is led by professional gymnasts who have represents national teams.

Our training program follows the strict guidelines of United States of America Gymnastics (USAG) and we compete in all national level competitions for United Gymnastics Association (UGA). Our gymnastics team has scored several medals and trophies in the UGA tournaments.

Players Age:  

2.5 – 16 years old

Program Days:  

Friday & Saturday

Our Gymnastics Teams


Our Special programs for you little ones! In each sport it is very important to start early. Kids at this stage will perform primary exercises.

Mentor Sports Gymnastics BabyGym

Beginners Boy / Girls

The best way to get into the sport is to start with the Beginners team.  Get introduced to Gymnastics step by step with the Inspiration of your coaches.

Mentor Sports Gymnastics Beginners Team

Intermediate Team

In this Program we prepare our players with advanced trainings. Also Players in this stage are abled to perform tougher routines and   using more exercising equipment.

Mentor Sports Gymnastics Intermediate Team

Competition Team

Our Competitions Team stars are well trained and professional. They been doing this for multiple years and participated in competitions and championships.

Mentor Sports Gymnastics Competition Team

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