About Us

Mentor Sports Academy is the cherished vision of our founder and head coach Motaz Abd-Elsalam. In 2013, Coach Motaz felt that school children in their formative years lacked opportunities to experience professional athlete tournaments. This led to the creation of the first school karate club to be registered with UAE Karate Federation.

They competed with other renowned clubs in the region in national tournaments. Seeing great results, Coach Motaz started the first professional multi-sport training facility in Al Nahda, Dubai. With the help of certified coaches and training programs, Coach Motaz was able to build a highly reputable academy with strong student following. Many of our trainee who joined 6 years ago, are taking apart in national level tournaments.

Our Philosophy

At Mentor Sports Academy, we aim to provide a safe and healthy environment to train and nurture the talent within every child. Our certified coaches ensure the right development of skills which helps to boost self-confidence of our trainees.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire today’s children to be the future champions.

Our Equipment & Facilities

Mentor Sports Academy imports the top sports equipment brands which are know for high quality standards. Our facility is designed to provide perfect layout for a multi-sport setup. Our trained facility team ensures all are equipment are well maintained and safe to use. We have a strong customer based to lease our facilities for their sports activities.

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